SkyCross is a leading global designer and manufacturer of advanced antenna and RF solutions. SkyCross offers complete consultative RF design services and antenna solutions ranging from integrated modules, to traditional and advanced antenna solutions, to reference designs for advanced antenna and integrated RFFE solutions. Its consultative RF design process combines industry-leading technology expertise with highly experienced engineering to enable next generation wireless solutions for mobile and connectivity applications. 


SkyCross’ unparalleled experience in producing antennas based on patented advanced technologies including IMAT™, VersiTune™, beam-forming, pattern diversity and closed loop tuning enables customers to bring to market the most innovative RF products available today. 


The company is headquartered in Suwon, South Korea with R&D/Sales and manufacturing facilities in South Korea, Taiwan, China, the US, and Vietnam. 


SkyCross, the SkyCross logo, VersiTune™, iMAT®, State-Tuned iMAT™, and T-Series™ are registered trademarks of SkyCross in the United States and certain other countries. 


SkyCross' vision is to enable a better connected world across all wireless devices in the mobile device, automotives, home networking and M2M markets through the adoption of SkyCross’ innovative RF technology and antenna solutions. 

Management Team

Dr. Youngmin Jo has more than 20 years experience in the wireless industry, specializing in RF theory, measurement, and design. He is responsible for managing SkyCross' global operations and its advanced technology development.
As an initial founder of SkyCross with deep technology domain expertise, Dr. Jo served in executive positions, including COO and, most recently, CTO. Since the company was founded he led the technology development and invented many new technologies.

Carl Lee has more than 20 years of experience in the wireless industry and other major IT industry specializing in engineering and business development. In particular, he has spent 10 years in sales working for antenna businesss.

15 years of sales, product management and general management experience including 3 years with JD Technology, a Taiwan-based mobile antenna supplier, 6 years with Ethertronics, providing antennas for mobile phones, and 3 years with Professional Computing Technology, providing components for mobile phones. 


Aug 2017

Inzi group

SkyCross ownership is changed to Inzi group

Aug 2016


SkyCross iMAT is used for Intel home gateway products

Jan 2016

Youngmin Jo

SkyCross appoints Dr. Youngmin Jo as CEO and CTO

Jan 2015


SkyCross iMAT is used for world top tier smartphones for global markets

February 2014


Deutsche Telekom releases results of a German market field test in which it achieved 580Mbps peak speed and ultimate cell edge performance using SkyCross’s Dual iMAT 4X4 MIMO and carrier aggregation on a live LTE network

February 2014

 industry leaders 

SkyCross featured in The Wall Street Journal alongside Qualcomm, Intel, Broadcom and other industry leaders  

February 2014 


SkyCross introduces  Dual iMAT, the world’s first 4X4 MIMO solution for smartphones

October 2013

 4G Service

SkyCross is selected for the 2013 Mobile Merit Awards for the 4G Service, Creation and Development sub-category within the Mobile Technologies category

March 2013

2013 ACE Awards

SkyCross' VersiTune-LTE tunable antenna module is selected as a finalist for the 2013 ACE (Annual Creativity in Electronics) Awards in the Ultimate Products - Wireless/RF category

January 2013

manufacturing facilities in Asia

SkyCross moves its corporate headquarters from Viera, Fla. to San Jose, Calif., to be closer to Silicon Valley and its sales and manufacturing facilities in Asia

January 2012


SkyCross announces commercial availability of the SkyCross VersiTune-LTE™ tunable antenna module for 4G LTE mobile devices

March 2011


SkyCross announces commercial availability of its State-Tuned Isolated Mode Antenna Technology (ST-iMAT™) for embedded antenna solutions in 4G MIMO devices

Feb 2010


SkyCross wins the BEST TECHNOLOGY Award (in Best Network Technology Advance) in 2010 MWC Mobile World Congress Award by the achievement using iMAT technology 

July 2009


SkyCross acquires Shanghai Universe Communication Electronics Co. Ltd., an innovative antenna manufacturer

February 2009

$23 million

SkyCross secures $23 million in financing led by Investor Growth Capital to cap a record growth year

Jan 2015


SkyCross iMAT is used for world top tier smartphones for global markets

January 2008


SkyCross unveils Isolated Mode Antenna Technology (iMAT), a revolutionary single-antenna approach providing significant benefits for device designers and manufacturers, network operators, and end users

May 2006

 Intel Capital

SkyCross announces an investment from Intel Capital, the venture capital arm of Intel Corporation. Intel Capital, through its relationship with Intel, also begins collaborating with SkyCross to develop mobile video applications with selected voice and data initiatives

February 2005 

manufacturing center in China

SkyCross opens its second technical design and manufacturing center in China to provide local support for its expanding handset and WLAN customer base in the region

May 2004

 SkyCross Korea

SkyCross Korea is founded in Suwon, Korea

December 2003

Asian technical design center 

SkyCross opens its first Asian technical design center to provide local design, technical and manufacturing support for customers in the Asia Pacific region

March 2002

First tri-band high gain antenna

SkyCross introduces wireless industry's first tri-band high gain antenna for wireless LAN applications

March 2001

Embedded 5GHz Antenna

SkyCross Introduces First Embedded 5GHz Antenna For Wireless LAN; Ideal For New High Data-Rate Applications


Melbourne, FL, USA

SkyCross is founded in Melbourne, FL, USA


YouTech Solution

Machine Parts
Forging Parts
Winding/Injection Parts

Inzi AMT

Aluminum & Magnesium
Die-casting Parts
(Oil Pan, Cylinder Head Cover) 


Low Pressure Die Casting Parts
(Aluminum Wheel, Water Temperature Control)

RF Controls

Automotive Antenna
Sensor Parts


Head Lamp, DRL./PSTN. Lamp, Turn Sig. Lamp, Console Lamp, etc.


TV TOP Chassis
TV BTM Chassis


Mobile Part


Vacuum Transfer Module
Vacuum Robot


Aluminum Extrusion
(Heat-Sink, Profile, Solar Frame, etc)

Inzi SmartSolution

Automation Machine Design
Automation Line System
(Vision Measure, HEAT INSERT M/C
  LEAK TESTER, etc.)

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